Languages, mathematical notations, graphics are all representations, which allows development of complex ideas.

How people think? How is powerful and complex thinking possible? Only using representations and tools as extensions of human brain can it be possible.

How does human understand, discover and create?

The goal is to understand the process of how human understand, discover and create. Based on these understandings, we can build better tools to facilitate this process. So we can empower human thinking with more humane and powerful representations, using the technology only available in modern times.

When we think, there is always a representation. Thinking and representation are inseparable. Without language, notation, symbol or graphics, human cannot think properly.

But the existing representations are limited and constrained. While they allow us to stretch out minds, it is to limited extent. In this new era with all kinds of modern technology, it is time to explore, discover and invent new representations to further extend human mind.

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Written on January 6, 2017